cola05Few things are more frustrating than realizing you still have to defrost your vehicle when you are running out the door to head to school or work. Hitting the defrost button and turning up the heat is a start, as well as breaking out the ice scraper (if you have one) and trying to get rid of it by hand. We have a few quick tips and tricks to help you defrost your car a little faster, so you can be on your way to wherever you are headed.

Vent Settings

Simply turning up the heat in your car and aiming it at the windshield is helpful, but can take a little while to start working. There is a combination of vent settings in your vehicle that provide the maximum defrosting ability. First of all is your gut reaction, to turn on the heater at full blast. Next turn on the AC as well. Turn off the inside air circulation, and last, but not least, crack open the windows. These four small adjustments used together will help your windshield defrost as soon as possible.

Water or De-icer

Another method involves defrosting your vehicle from the outside. Lukewarm water poured on the windshield or windows can help thaw them enough to defrost, or make any ice easier to break apart and scrape off. Make sure not to use hot water, or the harsh temperature change on cold glass may cause it to crack. There are commercial de-icer solutions that will have a similar effect, or you can ix your own at home. Take a clean spray bottle and pour in rubbing alcohol with a few drops of dish soap. Mix it up and it is ready to go. Just spray some on the windshield and watch the frost melt away.

Preventative measures

The best prevention possible is to keep your car indoors, such as in a garage, but not all of us have this luxury. Special anti-fog treatments are available to put on glass surfaces to prevent icing. These are easy to wipe on and apply, however they can get a little pricey. Shaving cream has similar results and is also more cost effective. You can cover your windows with a towel or piece of cardboard to try to keep off the dew overnight before it has a chance to freeze. Try to keep the cover tight against the glass surface. Holding it down with the windshield wipers or small objects to weigh it down can be helpful to prevent slipping or any loose spots. One last trick involves filling a sock with clean kitty litter and placing it at the bottom of the windshield. This reduces humidity in the car and lessens frosting.

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