Why Regular Oil Changes are Important

Oil changes are an important aspect of regular vehicle maintenance. This is one of the first things most drivers learn about car ownership. Without enough clean engine oil, your vehicle can sustain major damage very quickly.  Make sure you are aware of the best practices for your own vehicle, and practice them regularly to keep […]

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Mechanic Speak

Communicating car issues with your mechanic effectively can be difficult when you are unsure of what parts of the vehicle are not functioning properly. Making sure that the correct problem is investigated and repaired can save both time and money.

Describing the Problem

Instead of trying to imitate noises or motions your car may be making, try […]

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Troubleshooting Alternator Issues

The alternator is the part of your vehicle’s electrical system responsible for powering your car’s accessories, such as headlights
, gauges, radio, and even electro-hydraulic lifts on snow plows. It converts the mechanical energy produced from the engine into electrical current for these devices, and also recharges the battery while you are driving. A faulty alternator […]

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Troubleshooting Battery Issues

When you count on your vehicle for daily transportation, it can be a big hassle when the battery dies and your car won’t start up one morning out of the blue. There are a few warning signs than can give you a heads up about a bad battery before you run into bigger issues.

If you […]

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Summer, Winter, and All-Season Tires

Some tires are produced for use during particular weather. It may be necessary to switch out your tires with seasonal changes in some areas, depending on the climate and what kind of terrain you will be driving on. These are some of the basic differences between summer, winter, and all-season tires to consider when deciding […]

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Transmission Troubleshooting

When purchasing a vehicle, it’s safe to assume that it will eventually require some maintenance down the road, whether it’s the tires, yearly inspections, or some not so simple repairs to the transmission. Although the most important thing a car owner can do is read the manual, some of these tips and tricks can provide […]

Troubleshooting Power Steering Issues

The winter season can bring an array of conflicts within your car, even in the most conspicuous places. Your steering wheel is one of the most important parts of your car because it allows you to direct where the car is going, and can help you avoid unwanted obstacles. Power steering is a standard in […]

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Troubleshooting the Heating System

Winter is quickly approaching, and the last thing anyone wants is a cold car to drive in. Sitting in traffic shivering should be the least of your worries during this winter season. Sometimes cars suffer from problems that may occur in the heating systems. The engine is the main heating source that is used to […]

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Getting Your Car Winter Ready

The threat of winter weather has come, which means it’s time to prepare your vehicle for the harsh weather conditions. Ice and snow can cause serious problems to not only roads, but cars as well. It is so important to make sure that your car is ready to brace winter weather because the last thing […]

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