What the Flashing Engine Light Means

At some point you may have experienced the check engine light coming on in your car, and continued to drive for a bit before taking it to the shop to get checked out. But what does it mean when it is flashing instead of just lit up? This is often a sign of a more […]

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What is a Smoke Leak Test?

Leaks can present troubles for vehicle owners, but not all leaks are fluid leaks. Some leaks can be gas or air leaks. Unmeasured air flow through your engine throws off the fuel to air ratio. This can lead to poor engine performance. For example, one sign of this type of leak is engine hesitation, which […]

When the Check Engine Light Comes On

Every vehicle has warning lights to help identify problems for the general owner. Some are more serious than others and require immediate attention without delay. Others are less immediate, but should not be ignored. The Check Engine Light is one of those lights that can indicate a problem anywhere on the spectrum of seriousness.

For the […]

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