2011-06-02-1717-39(34).jpgCommunicating car issues with your mechanic effectively can be difficult when you are unsure of what parts of the vehicle are not functioning properly. Making sure that the correct problem is investigated and repaired can save both time and money.

Describing the Problem

Instead of trying to imitate noises or motions your car may be making, try these tips to describe the problems more efficiently.

  • Provide as much detail as possible and mention any issues you are having. Don’t assume that the mechanic will notice everything you do.
  • Take a drive with your mechanic to demonstrate any problems.
  • Write down ahead of time everything you can think of about the problem so that you don’t forget anything during your conversation.
  • Note when the issue started and what was happening when it started. A noise starting at 45 mph then becoming progressively worse as speed increases might be different than a noise that is only there at 45 mph!
  • Try to think of a certain time when the problem is occurring, such as during cold weather, or while turning or braking.

Useful Terms

A few auto terms that may help you to describe the issue.

  • Hesitation: a loss of power during acceleration.
  • Shimmy: the tires have a side-to-side motion that can be felt through the steering wheel.
  • Sluggish: when the vehicle is struggling to accelerate, or does not have smooth acceleration.
  • Surge: sudden increase in the engine’s speed.


Whenever you are dropping off a vehicle for servicing, also consider some common courtesy habits. If your vehicle is cluttered or full of trash, clean it out so the mechanic can easily access all parts of the vehicle. Make sure that you are available to approve repairs by phone, or return calls promptly. Otherwise your car may end up sitting at the repair shop longer than it needs to. Be realistic about repair times and costs, since the diagnosis may not be immediately clear or a straightforward issue. Vehicles have a lot of moving parts and it may take some time to get everything working properly and safely to get you back on the road again.

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