Get your favorite car enthusiast gifts he or she will cherish all year round by making them automotive-themed items! You can pick out gifts for the garage, car, or house by thinking outside the box this year. Even if you’re not an enthusiast yourself, it can still be easy to shop for those who are.

Handy Tools

An essential for every car lover is a abundant supply of tools. Many stores with automotive sections have great sales on tool sets this time of year. This can be a wonderful option if your favorite mechanic has been telling tales of woe about not having a complete socket set, or the right collection of screwdrivers. If you’re not sure exactly which tools they are missing from their toolbox, some simple extras such as extendable magnetic flashlights, tire gauges, or magnetic part trays are always handy to have around.

Novelty Parts or Extras

If there is one special vehicle that means the world to your gearhead, you can look for items specific to that car. If they need one more part for to complete a project, you can pick it up and put it under the tree for a wonderful surprise. If parts are something you unsure about, try a t-shirt of their favorite auto brand or model. Get a unique key chain they can use, or frame a picture of their favorite vehicle. There are tons of possibilities that can be personalized to the car lover you are giving them to.

Car-Themed Items

If you’re not quite sure what tool or part will put a smile on their face, then go for something you might be more familiar with, and add a twist! There are tons of interesting gifts out there for auto lovers that can be used in everyday life. Some great examples are knife or grill sets with wrench handles. Magazine subscriptions to Car & Driver, Motor Trend, or Road & Track can help them keep up with news in the industry. There are also tons of creative car items out there such as funny garage signs, auto-themed clocks, and wall décor that can brighten up any mechanic’s home, office, or garage.  

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