BeforeOften you don’t think about preparing supplies for a bad situation until after you need them. Be ready for the worst by thinking ahead and packing an emergency vehicle kit in case you or someone else has car troubles. Some supplies will depend on your specific vehicle due to unique features or sizing differences.  These 20 items can help you get started on a helpful kit if you run into car problems on a trip.

  1.   Cell Phone Charger – cell phones are invaluable in emergencies, as long as they are charged. If your battery is running low, hook it up to a charger before you start your drive.
  2.   First Aid Kit – basic first aid items including Band-Aids, aspirin, gauze, antibiotic ointment, and medical tape.
  3.   Tool Kit – this can be relatively small with a few essential tools, such as; pliers, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, vice grips, and pocketknife.
  4.   Tire Pressure Gauge – check your tire pressure anytime, anywhere. If it looks like you’re getting a flat, you can check right away if you need to inflate.
  5.   Flat Tire Canister – inflate a flat in a pinch to get you to the nearest service center.
  6.   Jumper cables – handy if you leave the lights on by accident and run down your battery. These are great to have at all times.
  7.   Extra Oil – 2 quarts of oil of the same viscosity as what you run in your car, plus a rag to wipe the dipstick after checking the oil level, and a funnel to add more.
  8.   Replacement Fuses – a simple blown fuse can cause you to lose multiple functions at once. Gather up some extras in various sizes.
  9.   Duct Tape – to provide a quick fix for tons of minor issues.
  10. Gloves – heavy-duty work gloves are great for protection from scrapes and hot engine parts.
  11. Flashlight – waterproof with extra batteries.
  12. Lug Wrench – cars generally come with a small jack and single lug wrench. A 4 way lug wrench can help you add extra leverage, making tire changes easier.
  13. Tow Strap or Rope – rated for at least 6,000 lbs.
  14. Road Flares – to put out in the dark so you are visible to traffic. Reflective triangles will work as well.
  15. Fire Extinguisher – a small ABC type extinguisher.
  16. Blanket – to stay warm and dry in an emergency.
  17. Water – drinking water in case you are stranded for an extended period of time.
  18. Rain Poncho – invaluable for changing a flat in rainy weather.
  19. Emergency contact info – keep a card with some emergency phone numbers in your glove box.
  20. Plastic container – to pack all of your emergency items into so that they are easy to locate and not rolling around loose in the trunk.

If you are going on a long trek through harsh conditions, you can add a few more items to your checklist. Throw in some pepper spray if you are heading through bear country. Add an ice scraper while driving in freezing conditions. Pack some non-perishable food items and extra gas when there are long distances between service stations. No matter what, make sure you are prepared for everything before leaving the driveway.

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