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We’re Hiring!

We at Autologic of Greensboro are looking for an automotive technician/mechanic for our small (4-5 bay) established, independent repair shop. We have state of the art equipment on par with that utilized by dealers. We have new and up to date diagnostic equipment, A/C equipment, smoke testers and most other specialty tools needed to service […]

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Spring Vehicle Maintenance

Spring has arrived! Along with every other seasonal change, there are a few areas of your vehicle you should check so that you can safely hit the road to anywhere you want to go. Certain parts of your car should be inspected as the warm weather arrives to make sure that everything is in tiptop […]

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Why Regular Oil Changes are Important

Oil changes are an important aspect of regular vehicle maintenance. This is one of the first things most drivers learn about car ownership. Without enough clean engine oil, your vehicle can sustain major damage very quickly.  Make sure you are aware of the best practices for your own vehicle, and practice them regularly to keep […]

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Three Common Winter Car Problems

There are some car issues that only present themselves in winter. Freezing temperatures, sleet, snow, ice, and the salting applied to roads in an effort to reduce ice buildup all take a toll on vehicles. Understanding some of these potential issues and what can be done to reduce problems can help you and your car […]

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Why Inspect Before Buying Used

Buying a used car can be a risky endeavor. Mileage alone does not tell you everything you need to know about whether or not a car is in good running condition. There are three things you should do when considering the purchase of a previously owned vehicle:

1)      Check the title for any mention of rebuild […]

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When to Get a Tune Up

Every vehicle comes with an owner’s manual that provides recommendations for maintenance and service. Some things should be monitored monthly and are easy enough for most owners to do themselves, such as checking tire pressure as well as oil and coolant levels. However, there are other checks and maintenance needs that require more technical understanding […]

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Dashboard Warning Lights and Gages

Modern vehicles are equipped with numerous safety features. Among these features includes dashboard warning lights and gages. Depending on the make and model of the vehicle the symbols used can vary, however there are some which are somewhat standard. These common indicators help drivers to monitor their vehicle performance, and when issues arise can help […]

When Your Car Won’t Start

The alarm sounds and you get up to tackle another day. Dressed and ready to go with coffee in hand you slide into your car, put the coffee in the cup holder, key in the ignition and turn. Nothing happens. Try the key again; maybe hear a click, but then nothing. Few things bring your […]

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What is an NC State Inspection?

Since 1964 North Carolina law has mandated that most every vehicle including motorcycles designed for use on our highways and roads pass an annual NC Vehicle Safety and Emissions Inspection. The most recent change to this law is requiring the NC Inspection before renewal of vehicle registration. It can sometimes feel like one more hassle in an […]

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Radiator Maintenance and Overheating

There are a surprising number of words in the English language which are what is known as autonyms, having two contradictory meanings. Radiator is a word that can describe a device that performs two very different tasks. A radiator can be a device that emits heat to warm a room, but in the case of […]

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